video installation, 4K, sound, 12min15, 2017

How is a land inhabited by the imaginary?

In the Tighmert Oasis, I try to translate an altered time that unties the fabulation we dive into, after a kid recounts one of his dream, imagining a donkey crossing spaces like a tightrope choreography. This visual essay also invests the idea of an image-specie through a grained image that refers to our perception through dimness, by exploring different approaches to its construction, temporal and spatial, that attempts the possibility of an animistic and speculative resistance to rationalism. This would be using a genre between fiction and documentary by going through a speculative tautology and by reconstructing new narratives from what is not there. Re-orienting other forms of bewitchment, alternatives to the belief system that supports the apparition of reality in order to question our individual and collective relation to it, extracting imaginaries from the sand, or from a completely exhausted present tense. To translate a land, rather than telling it. To translate the sand, rather that making it signify. Therefore giving back the power of creation to the spectator through multiple possible readings. I consider this work as a form of anti-consent to the one-way narrative.