On crossing Landscapes and opening the form

to release imaginaries from specific lands, like different feelings that we can have through traveling in different places and landscapes, because they each trigger different things 

every land has a magic or a mystery or something, even if flat and not interesting it is still as valid, but there is an idea of deploying something out if it, imaginary, futurism, radio frequencies just like Bouchra aspires to something, trying to tune into, still looking through … 

the constraint of the analog but the analog gesture, respect to time and subject, but heavy camera 

notions of looking for the intimate in the immense, redefining the term of exoticism, to allow oneself to enthuse of diversity, the specificity of the Atlas, of each land and deploy an imaginary, important, a gesture beyond collecting informations, the artist gesture is to go towards, to continue something, to represent something, but we aren’t in the representation, it is a trap for any piece of work that wants a social dimension than to be in this language, because it is important to go in the language of the imaginary and fiction as we are never able to document any reality as it is, it will always be an attempt through the way we see, we look at it. 

to question the ethic of the gesture - 

for an art that could have a social scope it’s important to be in the  experimental as it brings an infinite field

the field of documentary is a standardized, linear, controlled language that needs encoding, we don’t encode when we look at nature - we see. 

but the experimental field can bring things up to the surface on which we can question or emancipate ourselves and surrounding, 

do we only intend to note and add to the already present informations or do we attempt to emancipate ourselves from those conditions and paradigms ? it is important to show new imaginaries, as identities cannot be reduced to what they already are (city vs. rural, berber vs. arabs etc) bring transversal readings and tools of representing 

open-ended form 

social sciences identify, map, note, 

gesture generates, creates, emancipates 

we aren’t the sum of social studies 

conscious landscape, action landscape, imaginary landscape - definition of an identity 

i’m arab but is my imaginary limited to that - no, getting out of those discourses and freedom to define ourselves. I’m crossing a land but what do I want to extract from it, divert, plant, what can appear 

that imaginary of the grain of sand, of the mountain, that diversity that exists and this is where we move on each other’s intimate scale and can be moved - when there is this balance between intimate and immense - balance between the creator and the subject 

in that gesture what does the ethnograph bring to its subject ? a creator brings an imaginary, a potentiality, something outside of himself - exchange 

we cannot ask the social sciences to explain the world but admit to them that they can offer big patterns that allow certain correlations 

also, in a gesture of humility this consideration of possibles, potentials and decentralization - for the artistic discourse towards speculation it is relevant to get out of our contexts, of ourselves, our landmarks, to re-shape us 

concepts make the world, to reform the concepts through which we think in the world 


  • futurism aesthetics / historical fiction, scoping potentialities of an incomplete discourse 

  • gesture in the immense and the intimate, but also the imaginary of a land, specific, how to capture it and how to generate an imaginary from there, wether it is a gesture, or building from ethnographical clues, on saints, spirits, invisible world etc. 

  • way to question the real and its constructions, the place of the imaginary legitimated, that allows us to extend our field of understanding 

  • what every land can activate within us of its specificities, of what’s felt 

  • analogue feels like a process that finds that humility of submitting itself to time and space constraints, it is a demanding object, logistically, technically, but completely legitimates the capture of images through the fact that it ‘seals’ them on a membrane, that could never be ‘lost’ in a way - it has been written, wether seen or not.

  • the infinite experimental field allows to have a social scope / it experiments the form and the content that are indissociable but that allows to expand the field of a visual language which could be applied to other disciplines, it is a gesture that shows every discipline is drawn, limited and that by getting out of it we can activate things that are more organic 

  • looking to emancipate rather than piling to pre-defined (separative) narratives, emancipate our definitions of the social and the political, 

  • where the importance of bringing up new imaginaries because the identities and the definitions also don’t get reduced to the graphic or logical readings, they also are full imaginaries, whether individual or collective 

  • looking for balance, fairness between the immense and the intimate, between the subject and the investigator, the fairness of the gesture, is there an exchange, what does the ethnograph bring ? what does a creator bring ? what can those encounters allow ? 

  • the social sciences allow to find a few correlations to explain the world, but from what is present, i attempt to do the same but from what is not there

  • gesture that stays in the humility that states that we are nor center as humans, language and consciousness and that there are other possibles, other discourses, other readings - the speculation as a tool to get out of our contexts, of ourselves, to reform us