voice and guitar : Lina Laraki - Video direction and editing : Lina Laraki

Video edited from copyrights free sources as follow : Kilauea Volcano : T. David Franklin : government's archives Mount Etna Eruption Again (1964) : British Pathé Hawaii’s Spectacular Volcano Eruptions : government's archives Magnitogorsk Steel Works (1967) : British Pathé

Lo-fi visuals and sound with lovely-shitty hammam reverb. My mom says she loves it and that it’s better than martin ‘scossass’. Bless her.
On another note, i struggled with the video narration for a couple of months but the flow started from a discussion during a sunny christmas day listening to Fairuz’s Eastern Sacred Songs with
@juangomezpalao who said to me something like « there’s so much feeling in a single image, so the mere sequencing of it is a narration. » such beautiful-powerful words on the role of image and montage. Merci Juan. so here’s my sequencing of feelings.

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