rien n'est fixe, rien ne dure, 

tout est en constant mouvement. à travers le temps. ou le temps à travers nous. 

déplier le temps, 

déployer le langage


derrière l’oeil, 

derrière l’image



unfold time, 

deploy language,

behind the eye

behind the image

truth always flees,

digg the terrestrial


la vérité fuit toujours


creuser le terrestre, 


Between myths and History, 

Between ethnography and specultaions, 

legends and mathematical readings, 

From the individual to the collective, A quartering. 

In earth, in the imaginary that inhabits it, We extract

Any context from its tragedy or condemnation to be what it was squared to be. 

A crack, on a wall, in time. in speech. We extract, Other layers of soil, other layers of time, other layers of realities. 


our stories fabricate our identities, and not the opposite. identity do not fabricate our stories, or even History. 

the coherence of our words, our speech, fabricates the coherence of our story, and thereby our identity. 

we are both writers and readers as narrators of our lives. Identity is not frozen, it is permanently being negotiated from our relations with others. 

The identity built in situations, can take the status of reality. The different realities that we build are social realities, situated in contexts, negotiated with others, and distributed between all. The knowing of ourselves and the description of ourselves are a collective construction, and we build realities adapted to specific social contexts. The actions that come in, are the real effects of signification given to experience. The developing of sense gets operated through the discourse, the speech. What we express, wether written or visual, is not a mirror of reality, but a group consensus. 

examiner la réalité part déjà du mauvais postulat. 

Est-ce la réalité qui nous examine ? 

History constructs itself from selected facts and narratives that are being recorded and remembered through a collective memory. What interests me most is what has been left behind, around, and between that construct, and how it is possible to use it in order to construct another form of narrative, like the negative of an image. Echoing that Paul Klee’s sentence “The Missing People”, I’m very much interested into what hasn’t been made into existence, the potential of other readings of our reality, other discourses, other constructs. 

Recently I have come to this feeling that the present is impossible to represent and capture, no matter how much we know about the past and the actual context. That leads me to the interest of generating new forms of narratives through what is not here, what is missing, and the infinite potential of the present. As in the imaginary of a place, of a language, of a grain of dust, of a lone cat at night. Emerging new readings of territorialities and their imaginaries. 

Going from the idea that we generate speeches of truth in a form of speculation that legitimates itself through a common referee, which is science, science-fiction alters our scale of time and space which can generate a critical perspective into our approach to reality and can strongly question its foundations. 

a research and visual based work that tends to deconstruct, question the way History has been recorded, the way Identity has been drawn, the way our collective memories have been constituted by this group consensus.
History is based on the limits of our perceptions, of the scientific tool, of rationalism, and represents only a proposition, a realized potential, within many. This group consensus, fabricated by the frame of globalization, that we accept, that we undertake, underneath the glass of an agreed definition of Reality, is actually fabricated by many, by all the potentials of the different significations we could all input to it. 

History has always been written by the ‘winners’, the dominants, and we consent to a one-way narrative. 

Without a reality frame to reproduce but a field of speculations, re-orient, re-write, their construction, possibilities put apart, unearthed imaginaries, excavated surfaces, emerged realities in order to generate a new History from re-constructions of stories. 

What I’m trying to put at the center of my research, would be those stories, marginalized, non thought, non expressed, non acted, missing. This would be using a genre between fiction and documentary, by going through a speculative tautology, and by reconstructing new narratives from what its not there. In order to question our individual and collective relation to reality, to History, and temporality, from a completely exhausted present tense. 

How do we archive the invisible / what is missing / absence and void / what is no longer there? 

Anti-rationalist work doesn’t tend to make sense out of the past, but rather explore and use its potentialities and possibilities to generate new / alternative meanings in order to question our understanding of things. the missing narrative and our contributions to speeches

Our current forests are past skies

the notion of the imaginary of a dense territory, Exploring as an ‘alchemist’ of film, as an ‘arabo-futurist’, the other potentials of the Now, other ways of activating, telling and constructing History, as multiple as it really is. Speculative-fiction could be a mean to emancipate our comprehension of the world, exploring different angles from where we read and receive, allowing us to open new breaches in the worn out present. 

 l’oubli du temps et la disqualification de ce qui pourrait, devrait, ou qui serait 

il manque un principe d’expansion

ouvert, inachèvement, en cours, fragmentaire et déviant VS finitude, isolation, découpement qui consolident et confortent la réalité 

surgir au moment de la formation de l’ Histoire, lorsque les réalités sont encore multiple et le récit encore à écrire

la seule position est celle de la plus grande ouverture, là où tout, peut être .

multiplicité des voix, décentraliser l’homme et le langage, devenir traducteur 

le langage, les mots en eux même maintiennent l’inadéquation du monde a travers des vestiges de réalités desquelles nous ne renaissons pas 

laisser l’Histoire nous diriger plutôt que de la faire signifier de notre simple point de vue étroit des mots du langage et du sens 

comment traduire, interpréter sans lire et donc s’accaparer et donc en faire une réalité ? 

rien de nouveau sous le soleil, on trouve du nouveau au dessus du soleil, on trouve du nouveau en changeant de paradigme

expanded politique hors champs 

approche transversale pour contenir / contourner les sempiternelles problématiques arabes et berbères rural et ville. plus interventionniste qu’immersif.

This research is impulsed by Paul Klee’s words « The Missing People », but also the works of Paul Ricoeur, Felwine Sarr, Edouard Glissant, Camille de Tolledo, Alicia Imhoff and Kantuta Quirós.