In & Out of Re-membrance

Two-channels video installation, 12min40, loop, sound, installation view, 2014

This piece has mostly been informed by Perec’s book ‘W, or the Memory of Childhood’, a book written in two sequences conversing between each other, where the writer interweaves the documentation of his childhood, to a fiction he wrote while he was a child, as both telling the story of his childhood.

This piece has also been informed by an interest into architectural features and placed in relation to the structurality of film as a medium.

I try to depict the ruins of memory, a place evacuated of life and what remains as fragments that constitutes memory as a place - that the house being the metaphor to it - that could be revisited, and reconstructed.

The screens are placed like two isolated islands, again to the image of memory, the use of the PVC screen, a thin, fluid and floating material to represent this floating membranes, suspended. The narration as being the stories we tell ourselves, we construct from and to ourselves. This piece really aims for the viewer to sit back in a place of his own memories, reconstructing a narrative of his own through the chaotic non­-linear sequences put up together.

Both narrations are edited from two books, R.Harbison's ‘Eccentric Spaces’, and G. Perec's ‘W, or The Memory of Childhood’.