Entretien 0.0, black video with sound - 35 min, loop. 2018

Ana Mzawga Fik (I beg You), LED cable installation. 2018


Ana M3ak (I hear you), LED cable installation. 2018

This work has been produced thanks to the invitation of Think Tangier and Mahal Art Space, for a show at the Galerie Delacroix in Tangier. The exhibition title ‘Iconographies de la rue’ invited a few artists to think about the aesthetics, graphics and images generated by the street. My work was focused on affects and their deployments in the public space throughout darija’s vocabulary and ‘frottements’ as a dialect, but also on gesture and the role these two play in the street, between intimacy and extimacy. The multimedia work reveals a certain ambiguity : exaggerating very ordinary expressions and questioning our bond to the other and the social link through affect and its different forms of expressions. The video Entretien 0.0 suggests vulnerability and empathy as tools for sociological questionnaires, but also as affective resistances to the speed of individualization and atomization of individuals in the public space. I consider this a poetical alternative gesture to the political.